Bishop Ipinmoroti Reveal that God as Anointed Ashiwaju Tinubu as the next President

Common Overseer and Primate of Christ Revelation Church of God , Bishop Ayodeji Ipinmoroti has stated God revealed to him that Tinubu would change into the subsequent President of the nation.


In response to the Nation, Bishop Ipinmoroti made the revelation to commemorate the youngsters’s day celebration in Lagos state.


He stated God didn’t design Nigeria to disintegrate and that his latest encounter with God that confirmed him former Lagos Governor Bola Tinubu will emerge subsequent President.


Ipinmoroti acknowledged that sure mysteries must be tackled for Tinubu Presidency to materialise.


He claimed that a lot of Tinubu’s political associates would betray him earlier than the elections however that will not cease him from changing into president.


Bishop Ipinmoroti stated God confirmed him “Nigeria system will work once more however we have to repent from our sinful methods. It requires the prayer of the trustworthy to place issues proper.”


He added: “I don’t see Nigeria breaking up. Bola Tinubu is a proper peg in the suitable gap within the 2023 presidential election.


“He’s a person of integrity coupled along with his administrative expertise and political wherewithal to climate the political storm of the nation-State.


“Don’t be deceived, Tinubu is the one candidate at this level of political, social and psychological turmoil that may repair the close to damaged down of the construction referred to as Nigeria.


“I’m a priest and a minister of the gospel. God has despatched me to Tinubu. Once I see him bodily, I’ll clarify some mysteries to him.


“I see him being betrayed by his political associates but he emerged President in 2023.


“If Tinubu is within the presidential race, let him the competition. I can guarantee you he’ll win the election as God had proven me.


“I consider Tinubu will give to Nigeria as God had informed me, the real advantage to rescue the sinking boat of the nation from capsizing.


“The economic system shall be secure. Wages and wage disaster will quickly finish. Ethnic issues, inflations and industrial actions will quickly come to an finish.


“Each drawback has an expiry date. I can see the Nigerian staff jubilating. It will materialise if we do the suitable job by voting for God’s chosen candidate for the 2023 election. That God chosen candidate is Tinubu.


“I see a serious shakeup within the Presidency however God didn’t direct me to Buhari. If Tinubu is , let him the competition. I see him being topped. However I want to inform it to his face on how you can go about it as God had directed me to him.”