Is social media the sole reason for kids locking themselves up in their room these days?


I’ve observed how household convergence within the sitting room is shortly going into extinction. Regardless of that I had a ps and private pc whereas rising up, it was deemed disrespectful to stay within the room at night time whereas everybody was within the sitting room.

Mum would make us watch Yoruba films along with her and harness these moments to bark life classes at us, citing the ethical classes in every film we watched. Dad, alternatively, would ask how faculty went, ask after our mates, and stuffs like that. It’s essential to exit to welcome him on the sound of his automobile horn.

In the present day, you see children whiling away on social media with the door to their room locked, not minding the presence of their father in the home. Not even the fact reveals enjoying within the sitting rooms curiosity them anymore. How then will they bond with the remainder of the household?

Youngsters these days can keep of their room all day and would solely come out to eat, then they return inside.

Being collectively within the sitting room is a good alternative for household bonding. Some mother and father even permit locked doorways of their home. You may’t be my youngster and have your door locked. That is a privateness you will not be privileged to have underneath my roof. It’s essential to come to the sitting room to bond along with your siblings and we your mother and father.

What do you assume guys? Is social media the only cause for teenagers locking themselves up of their room as of late?