‼️SCANDAL‼️ Irregularities in Promotion and Recruitment Process For the Position of Registrar and Director of Works at Kwara State College of Education, Ilorin.

The Recruitment procedure recently initiated by the Management and Governing Council of Kwara State college of Education Ilorin is still raising serious concerns to the stakeholders and applicants who applied for the positions. It would be recalled that fresh insight had earlier reported the Management on 29th April, 2021  for flouting NCCE guidelines on appointments and Promotions especially on the vacancy advertisement  placed in the national dailies to fill the vacant positions of Director of Works, Registrar and Bursar.


News reaching Jobinfo observed that the assessments carried out on all the applicants leading to disqualifications of so many of them, according to the fresh Insight are suggested to be biased, preemptive and discriminatory, especially to those who applied from outside the College.

From The Screening report carelessly posted by FreshinghtNewstv a candidate to the position of Director of Works with 20 years of cognate experience in Civil Engineering designs, constructions, maintenance and procurements was wrongly disqualified base on cognate experience which was stipulated to be just 15years in the advertisement.


In fact, the assessment and screening of CVs was so biased that all other applicants for the position of Director of Works were unjustly disqualified to pave way for the “annoited candidate” Engr. Ahmed Folajimi Aleshinloye, jobinfo observed.

Investigation carried out on the “annoited applicant” revealed that he is not even qualify to apply for the position.

This is because he does not possess the required 15 Years cognate experience in Civil Engineering Works, in line with the advertisement requirements that got others disqualified .

Records from The College showed that he converted from Administrative Officer cadre to Engineering Cadre in 2007.

It is equally on record that he has been on secondment out of Works Department to Computer Centre of the College within the year 2013 to 2020. It is suffice to say that he has a cummulative cognate experience of less than 10years in Civil Engineering works.

Interestingly, It marvels Jobinfo.com.ng to note that Engr Ahmed Folajimi Aleshinloye who got his Coren Registration/certification 3 years ago, illegally got promoted to Principal Engineer, Asst Chief Engineer and Chief Engineer Without COREN Certification, in flagrant disregard to the condition/Provision for Engineering Career Progression which categorically states that Coren is mandatory for Promotion to Principal Engineer and beyond as enshrined in the College Condition of Service and Career Structure.

In the same vein, our investigation also revealed that the recruitment into the position of Registrar which was about to be concluded was equally aborted following an Order from the “Power that Be“.

It was generally observed that other applicants were deliberately disqualified in other to feed in the inexperienced candidate of their choice, through the help of some power broker in the Government.


It is important to note that these positions are central and sensitive to the College as an institution, hence the need for due diligence, equity and transparency which is the hallmark of His Excellency, Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrasak’s administration.
Jobinfo will continue to monitor the situation as the Management and Governing Council of the College carry out open and unbiased investigation into the allegations.


In the meantime, a source is advocating for a re-advertisement for all the vacant positions in order to ensure equity, fairness and transparency for the emergence of credible and qualified candidates for the positions. This, Jobinfo believes will preserve the good name of the Institution.