How to Make $500 a day from Facebook and stop wasting your data

Ok, Guys!  you have to get  the latest version of Facebook  and you might have checked the authenticity of this method too, so we must start now. You might have read so many e-books on making money online, but no e-book gives you any guarantee that you will make money, right? But, here is the most realistic and practical e-book you have ever read in your life. It is a complete blueprint of making rock solid income consistently! This is the exact method which I use to make $500 a day from my own Facebook account! By following this strategy, like hundreds of other users, you can also reach at $500 a day in just 4 weeks, starting from scratch!


Step 1 – Creating a new Facebook Account: Visit and create a new Facebook account. If you already have a Facebook account, do NOT use it because it has your personal friends and it is not going to make you any money. So, I recommend that you create a second account so that we can add our potential customers into it. Your new profile shouldn’t look like a fake profile so you should use your own real name, phone number and other real credentials etc. Facebook may ask you to verify your new account, so you should be ready with your phone number and IDs etc. Enter as much information as you can into your profile because people do not like empty profiles. It would not take more than 5 minutes to setup your Facebook account. Remember, you have started your journey to make $500 a day within 5 minutes and do not leave it without implementing it completely!

Step 2 – Adding friends to your Facebook Account: After creating your new Facebook Account, it is the time to add friends to it. You can add maximum 5000 friends to your Facebook account. Your motive should be to exploit this opportunity as quickly as you can. This is the most important task. How much money you will make depends upon the number of friends you have. I will show you how I added 5000 friends in 7 days only but you can start making money as soon as you have only 1000 friends (Just 2 days task).


Step 3 – Using a tool to add Friends: If you start adding friends manually, you cannot add 1000 friends even in one year so we will use an ULTIMATE STRATEGY to add friends really fast! As per this strategy, we will send friend requests in bulk through email lists. The first thing that is required to send bulk friend requests is a good email list. You need to find a good email list generator for this purpose. Please note, we are talking about an email list generator and NOT about an email extractor or email scraper or email harvester. NEVER use an email extractor, harvester or scraper because you are going to waste your time because an email extractor will simply harvest email addresses from the internet and give you the list of collected email addresses. There are so many problems in using an email extractor, harvester or scraper. First, an email extractor extracts & collects email addresses from the websites randomly so the number of email addresses is limited up to the email addresses available on the websites i.e. just 100, 500 or 1000 email addresses. Second, it will also collect email addresses from the websites of business firms, companies, lawyers and doctors etc. which are of NO USE to you. Definitely, you would not like to send a friend request to a doctor, lawyer, advocate, carpenter or an accounting firm. It can put you in a serious problem. So, do not even think about collecting email addresses from the internet and using them to send friend requests. Makes sense?
On the other hand, an email lists generator is different from an email extractor/harvester/scraper and is more powerful than that. An email lists generator generates lists of supposed email addresses using common names of the people of the countries you want to target. These email addresses belong to the general public and not to the companies, firms or business houses. The best thing is that you can use different combinations of the names, keywords, domain names and random numbers to generate the lists of millions of unique email addresses by repeating the task. Using an email lists generator you can target any market in any country you want. For example, you can generate lists of email addresses of those people who are interested in making money, losing weight, poker, credit cards, music, websites, SEO, Twitter or Facebook applications etc. Not only this, you can also target any country you want e.g. UK, USA, UK, Canada, Spain, Nigeria, Australia and any other country. I downloaded and tested different email lists generators, one after another. It took me 2 weeks and I wasted

around $1325 to find the right tool. Yes, after wasting $1325 and testing different softwares, I found ‘Acute Email IDs Production Engine’. I found this tool very impressive because there are two main reasons behind that. First, it is the cheapest one in price amongst all the tools I tested and rejected. Second, it is user friendly, easy to use & very effective. The best feature is that it saves email addresses lists in the text file format (.txt) which is a very important requirement for our method. It is really cheap in price and you can easily afford it.
I know that I am taking risk by openly recommending a product. You might think that I want to sell you this software, right? No! This is not a crappy e-book which contains affiliate links from Clickbank or Commission Junction websites to make sales and earn commission. I am already making $500 a day, so few more dollars from affiliate commission would not change my life. I am recommending this software because I have already tried many other softwares after wasting a lot of time and money and I do not want you to waste your time and money like I did in searching for the right tool. Although, I have made a recommendation but you are still free to use any tool of your choice but if you are going to buy any software other than Acute Email IDs Production Engine, then please make sure it has following features:
option to generate unlimited email addresses lists
target any country you want
target any niche you want
add random numbers while generating emails
save email lists in text file (.txt)
view and remove email lists
add names into the database
add countries into the database.

To give you a clear idea, I have designed a small image just for your understanding.





Most Important Thing to Note – Don’t Stop Yourself For Small Things!
Don’t get discouraged if you don’t have a computer or a laptop. You can apply this method through your Android Phone also, even if you don’t have a computer. Sometimes, I use this software on my computer and when I don’t have computer, I get email lists on my Android Phone and use them for my projects. So, even if you do NOT have a laptop or a computer, simply do not worry. You can still get email lists on your Android Phone and use them. After buying the software, simply send email to [email protected] They will send email lists in text file (.txt) file to your email. You can download them on your phone and use them. So, there is no problem in case you don’t have a computer. A sample email template is given below that you can send to Sagawebs to send email lists to your phone.



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