A Lady Beaten By Her Lesbian Girlfriend (disturbing Image)

A Twitter client, Stormy @Theylovestorm_, has uncovered how her lesbian accomplice beat her up. Sharing upsetting photographs of the beaten she got from her sweetheart, Stormy composed



Aggressive behavior at home is genuine . Particularly in same sex relationship. Furthermore, it isn’t tended to enough. Lastnight I encountered something no lady ought to at any point need to encounter . My face and neck are wounded cut and I was beaten. I’m as yet in stun.

On the off chance that anything is to happen to me . I might likewise want to add I am being followed or potentially hassled by means of instant messages.


This isn’t the main episode . She has beaten me before on April 13/14. She has an example of savagery and has done this to a few past accomplices. She lived in my home and I dealt with her since I met her. Done expounding on this…